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1 ➤ 239.
Assertion: A closed circulatory system is found in annelids.
Reason: Annelids posses true coelom.

2 ➤ 240.
Assertion: Fertilization in sponge is internal.
Reason: Sponges are aquatic organisms.

3 ➤ 241.
Assertion: The skeleton of sponges is made up of spicules.
Reason: Composition of spicules help in classification of sponges.

4 ➤ 242.
Assertion: Acraniata is a group of organisms which do not have distinct cranium.
Reason: It includes small marine forms without head.

5 ➤ 243.
Assertion: Cold blooded animals do not have fat layer.
Reason: Cold blooded animals use their fat for metabolic process during hibernation.

6 ➤ 244.
Assertion: Cyclostomes are marine but migrate for spawning to fresh water.
Reason: Larvae of cyclostome is metamorphosed in marine water.

7 ➤ 245.
Assertion: Sponges belong to Porifera.
Reason: Sponges have canal system.

8 ➤ 246.
Assertion: A shark can stay at a desired level in water without swimming.
Reason: It has a buoyancy-regulating organ called as the swim bladder.

9 ➤ 247.
Assertion: Birds have one ovary.
Reason: This reduces the body weight for flight.

10 ➤ 248.
Assertion: Plasmodium vivax is responsible for malaria.
Reason: Malaria is caused by polluted water.

11 ➤ 249.
Assertion: Birds are warm blooded.
Reason: Birds are able to maintain a constant body temperature.

12 ➤ 250.
Assertion: Systematics is the branch of biology that deals with classification of living organisms.
Reason: The aim of classification is to group the organisms.

13 ➤ 251.
Assertion: All birds, except the ones like koel (cuckoo) build nests for retiring and taking rest during night time (day time for nocturnal).
Reason: Koel lays its eggs in the nests of tailor bird.

14 ➤ 252.
Assertion: Bats and whales are classified as mammals.
Reason: Bats and whales have four-chambered heart.

15 ➤ 253.
Assertion: Tapeworm, roundworm and pinworm are endoparasites of human intestine.
Reason: Improperly cooked food is the source of all intestinal infections.

16 ➤ 254.
Assertion: The duck-billed Platypus and the spiny ant-eater, both are egg-laying animals yet they are grouped under mammals.
Reason: Both of them have seven cervical vertebrae and 12 pairs of cranial nerves.

17 ➤ 255.
Assertion: Coelenterates are triploblastic.
Reason: Coelenterates contain mesoderm in between ectoderm and endoderm.

18 ➤ 256.
Assertion: Digestive system of platyhelminthes is incomplete.
Reason: They have single opening to outside of the body, serve as both mouth as well as anus.

19 ➤ 257.
Assertion: Coelenterates, Ctenophores and adult Echinoderms are said to be radial symmetrical.
Reason: Their body can be dived into two equal halves in any plane passing through central axis of the body.

20 ➤ 258.
Assertion: Obelia shows metagenesis.
Reason: Obelia is polymorphic organism.

21 ➤ 259.
Assertion: Metagenesis in Obelia is equivalent to alternation of generation in plant
Reason: Polyp is haploid and medusa phase is diploid in Obelia

22 ➤ 260.
Assertion: Ascidia belong to sub - phylum urochordata.
Reason: Notochord is present in tail of larva stage.

23 ➤ 261.
Assertion: Fertilisation in bony fishes is usually external.
Reason: In males in bony fishes pelvic fins bear claspers.

24 ➤ 262.
Assertion: Birds have pneumatic bones.
Reason: This reduce weight for flight

25 ➤ 263.
Assertion: Snake shed their scale as skin cast.
Reason: It allow continue growth of snake.

26 ➤ 264.
Assertion: All vertebrates are chordates.
Reason: Vertebrates posses notochord during the embryonic period.

27 ➤ 265.
Assertion: Most sponge’s body are said to be asymmetrical.
Reason: Body of most sponge can’t be divided into two equal half by any plane pass through the centre of body.

28 ➤ 266.
Assertion: Aschelminthes are pseudocoelomate.
Reason: Body cavity in these organisms is not lined with mesoderm.

29 ➤ 267.
Assertion: Porifera to Echinoderms are non-chordates.
Reason: Notochord is not formed during embryonic development in these animals.

30 ➤ 268.
Assertion: Coelenterates are called cnidarians.
Reason: They possess cnidoblasts on tentacles and the body.

31 ➤ 269.
Assertion: Bioluminescence is well marked in ctenophores.
Reason: All ctenophores are exclusively marine.

32 ➤ 270.
Assertion: Annelids shows metameric segmentation.
Reason: Body of annelids divided externally as well as internally.

33 ➤ 271.
Assertion: Platyhelminthes are known as flat worms.
Reason: Platyhelminthes have laterally compressed body.

34 ➤ 272.
Assertion: In amphibian skin is generally moist.
Reason: They shows cutaneous respiration.

35 ➤ 273.
Assertion: All mammals are viviparous.
Reason: All mammals show external fertilisation.

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