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1 ➤ 195. Mother and father of a person with ‘0’ blood group have ‘A’ and ‘B’ blood group, respectively. What would be the genotype of both mother and father?

2 ➤ 196. Assertion: Gregor Mendel conducted the hybridization experiment on garden peas and proposed the laws of inheritance in living organism.
Reason: Mendel selected 7 true breeding pea plant varieties.

3 ➤ 197. Assertion: In a monohybrid cross F1 generation indicates recessive characters.
Reason: Dominance occurs only in homozygous state.

4 ➤ 198. Assertion: Gene which code for a pair of contrasting traits are known alleles.
Reason: Alleles are slightly different forms of the same gene.

5 ➤ 199. Assertion: The law of dominance is used to explain the expression of only one of the parental character is a monohybrid cross in the F1 - generation.
Reason: The law of dominance explains the propportion of 3 : 1 obtained at the F2 – generation.

6 ➤ 200. Assertion: Deletions and insertions of base pairs of DNA, causes frame-shift mutation.
Reason: A classical example of frame-shift mutation is sickle cell anaemia.

7 ➤ 201. Assertion: Increase in a whole set of chromosome in an organism is known as polyploidy.
Reason: Failure of cytokinesis after telophase stage of cell division results in polyploidy.

8 ➤ 202. Assertion: Test cross is a back cross. Reason: In test cross, F1 - individual is crossed with recessive parents.

9 ➤ 203. Assertion: Inheritance of holandric gene are always from father to son. Reason: Holandric genes are found on Y-chromosomes.

10 ➤ 204. Assertion: In humans, the gamete contributed by the male determines whether the child produced will be male or female.
Reason: Sex in human is a polygenic trait depending upon a cumulative effect of some gene on X-chromosomes and some on Y-chromosomes.

11 ➤ 205. Assertion: In birds, the chromosome composition of the sperm determines the sex.
Reason: Male birds are heterogametic.

12 ➤ 206. Assertion: Down’s syndrome is chromosomal disorder
Reason: It occurs due to trisomy of 21 chromosome.

13 ➤ 207. Assertion: Female of Turner’s syndrome is sterile.
Reason: Such female contain rudimentary ovaries.

14 ➤ 208. Assertion: PKU leads to mental retardation
Reason: Phenylpyruvic acid and their derivatives are accumulated in brain in PKU.

15 ➤ 209. Assertion: Sickle cell anaemia is an example of point mutation.
Reason: It occur due change in single nucleotide in beta gene.

16 ➤ 210. Assertion: Cystic fibrosis is Mendelian disorder .
Reason: Tuners syndrome is chromosomal disorder.

17 ➤ 211. Assertion: Haemophilia is commonly found in males.
Reason: Haemophilia is X- linked recessive disorder.

18 ➤ 212. Assertion: UV radiation is mutagen.
Reason: UV radiation can cause mutation in organism.

19 ➤ 213. Assertion: Genetic make up of sperm determines the sex of human child.
Reason: Males are homogametic in humans.

20 ➤ 214. Assertion: Starch grain size is controlled by gene B in pea seed is an example of incomplete dominance.
Reason: Starch grain formed by genetic constitution Bb is of intermediate size.

21 ➤ 1. Study the pedigree chart of a certain family given in figure and select the correct conclusion which can be drawn for the character. [AIPMT MAINS 2010]

22 ➤ 2. In Antirrhinum, two plants with pink flowers were hybridized. The F1 plants produced red, pink and white flowers in the proportion of 1 red, 2 pink and 1 white. What could be the genotype of the two plants used for hybridization of Red flower colour is determined by RR, and white by rr genes? [AIPMT MAINS 2010]

23 ➤ 3. A cross in which an organism showing a dominant phenotype is crossed with the recessive parent in order to know its genotype is called [AIPMT MAINS 2010]

24 ➤ 4. ABO blood grouping is controlled by gene I which has three alleles and show co-dominance. There are six genotypes. How many phenotypes in all are possible? [AIPMT MAINS 2010]

25 ➤ 5. The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster was found to be very suitable for experimental verification of chromosomal theory of inheritance by Morgan and his colleagues because [AIPMT MAINS 2010]

26 ➤ 6. Which one of the following cannot be explained on the basis of Mendel’s Law of Dominance? [AIPMT PRE 2010]

27 ➤ 7. The genotype of a plant showing the dominant phenotype can be determined by [AIPMT PRE 2010]

28 ➤ 8. ABO blood groups in humans are controlled by the gene I. It has three alleles - lA, IB and i. Since there are three different alleles, six different genotypes are possible. How many phenotypes can occur? [AIPMT PRE 2010]

29 ➤ 9. Select the correct statement from the ones given below with respect to dihybrid cross. [AIPMT PRE 2010]

30 ➤ 10. Which one of the following symbols and its representation, used in human pedigree analysis is correct? [AIPMT PRE 2010]

31 ➤ 11. Which one of the following conditions correctly describes the manner of determining the sex in the given example? [AIPMT PRE 2011]

32 ➤ 12. A collection of plants and seeds, having diverse alleles of all the genes of a crop is called [AIPMT PRE 2011]

33 ➤ 13. When two unrelated individuals or lines are crossed, the performance of F1 hybrid is often superior to both its parents. This phenomenon is called [AIPMT PRE 2011]

34 ➤ 14. Test cross in plants or in Drosophila involves crossing [AIPMT MAINS 2011]

35 ➤ 15. Which one of the following conditions of the zygotic cell would lead to the birth of a normal human female child? [AIPMT MAINS 2011]

36 ➤ 16. Read the following four statements (A to D): [AIPMT MAINS 2012]
(A) In transcription, adenosine pairs with uracil.
(B) Regulation of lac operon by repressor is referred to as positive regulation.
(C) The human genome has approximately 50,000 genes.
(D) Haemophilia is a sex-linked recessive disease.
How many of the above statements are right?

37 ➤ 17. A test cross is carried out to [AIPMT MAINS 2012]

38 ➤ 18. Represented below is the inheritance pattern of the certain type of traits in humans. Which one of the following conditions could be an example of this pattern? [AIPMT MAINS 2012]

39 ➤ 19. A normal-visioned man whose father was colour blind, marries a women whose father was also colour blind. They have their first child as a daughter. What are the chances that this child would be colour blind? [AIPMT PRE 2012]

40 ➤ 20. F2 generation in a Mendelian cross showed that both genotypic and phenotypic rations are same as 1 : 2 : 1. It represents a case of [AIPMT PRE 2012]

41 ➤ 21. Which of the following statements is not true of two genes that shows 50 per cent recombination frequency? [AIPMT 2013]

42 ➤ 22. Variation in gene frequencies within populations can occur by change rather than by natural selection. This is referred to as [AIPMT 2013]

43 ➤ 23. If two persons with ‘AB’ blood group marry and have sufficiently large number of children, these children could be classified as ‘A’ blood group : ‘AB’ blood group : ‘B’ blood group in 1 : 2 : 1 ratio. Modern technique of protein electrophoresis reveals the presence of both ‘A’ and ‘B’ type proteins in ‘AB’ blood group individuals. This is an example of [AIPMT 2013]

44 ➤ 24. Which Mendelian idea is depicted by a cross in which the F1 generation resembles both the parents? [AIPMT 2013]

45 ➤ 25. The incorrect statement with regard to haemophilia is [AIPMT 2013]

46 ➤ 26. If both parents are carriers for thalessemia, which is an autosomal recessive disorder, what are the chances of pregnancy resulting in an affected child? [AIPMT 2013]

47 ➤ 27. Fruit colour in squash is an example of [AIPMT 2014]

48 ➤ 28. A man whose father was colour blind marries a woman who had a colour blind mother and normal father. What percentage of male children of this couple will be colour blind? [AIPMT 2014]

49 ➤ 29. In a population of 1000 individuals 360 belong to genotype AA, 480 to Aa and the remaining 160 to aa. Based on this data, the frequency of allele A in the population is [AIPMT 2014]

50 ➤ 30. A human female with Turner’s syndrome [AIPMT 2014]

51 ➤ 31. How many pairs by contrasting characters in pea plants was studied by Mendel in his experiments? [AIPMT 2015]

52 ➤ 32. The movement of a gene from one linkage group to another is called [AIPMT 2015]

53 ➤ 33. Multiple alleles are present [AIPMT 2015]

54 ➤ 34. An abnormal human baby with ‘XXX’ sex chromosomes was born due to [AIPMT 2015]

55 ➤ 35. Alleles are: [AIPMT 2015]

56 ➤ 36. A man with blood group ‘A’ marries a woman with blood group ‘B’. which are all the possible blood groups of their offsprings? [AIPMT 2015]

57 ➤ 37. In his classic experiments on pea plants, Mendel did not use. [RE-AIPMT 2015]

58 ➤ 38. A pleiotropic gene: [RE-AIPMT 2015]

59 ➤ 39. A gene showing codominance has: [RE-AIPMT 2015]

60 ➤ 40. A colour blind man marries a woman with normal sight who has no history of colour blindness in her family. What is the probability of their grandson being colour blind? [RE-AIPMT 2015]

61 ➤ 41. The term “linkage” was coined by: [RE-AIPMT 2015]

62 ➤ 42. In the following human pedigree, the filled symbols represent the affected individual. Identify the type of given pedigree.

63 ➤ 43. Which of the following most appropriately describes haemophilia? [NEET - I, 2016]

64 ➤ 44. A tall true breeding garden pea plant is crossed with a dwarf true breeding garden pea plant. When the F1 plants were selfed the resulting genotypes were in the ratio of: [NEET - I, 2016]

65 ➤ 45. Match the terms in Column I with their description in Column II [NEET - I, 2016]
(a) Dominance - (i) Many genes govern a single character
(b) Codominance - (ii) In a heterozygous organism only one allele expresses itself.
(c) Pleiotropy - (iii) In a heterozygous organisms both alleles express themselves fully
(d) Polygenic inheritance - (iv) A single gene influences many characters.

66 ➤ 46. Pick out the correct statements: [NEET - I, 2016]
(A) Haemophilia is a sex-linked recessive disease.
(B) Down’s syndrome is due to aneuploiday.
(C) Phenyllketonuria is an autosomal recessive gene disorder.
(D) Sickle cell anaemia is an X-linked recessive gene disorder.

67 ➤ 47. The amino acid Tryptophan is the precursor for the synthesis of: [NEET - I, 2016]

68 ➤ 48. In a testcross involving F1 dihybrid flies, more parental-type offspring were produced the recombinant-type offspring. This indicates: [NEET - I, 2016]

69 ➤ 49. A cell at telophase stage is observed by a student in a plant brought from the field. He tells his teacher that this cell is not like other cells at telophase stage. There is no formation of cell plate and thus the cell is containing more number of chromosomes as compared to other, dividing cells. This would result in: [NEET - I, 2016]

70 ➤ 50. Taylor conducted the experiments to prove semi conservative mode of chromosome replication on [NEET - II, 2016]

71 ➤ 51. The mechanism that causes a gene o move from the linkage group to another is called. [NEET - II, 2016]

72 ➤ 52. A true breeding plant is [NEET - II, 2016]

73 ➤ 53. If a colour-blind man marries a woman who is homozygous for normal colour vision, the probability of their son being colour-blind is [NEET - II, 2016]

74 ➤ 1. All genes are located on the same chromosome

75 ➤ 2. Conditions of a karyotype 2n ± 1 and 2n ± 2 are called

76 ➤ 3. Distance between the genes and percentage of recombination shows

77 ➤ 4. If a genetic disease is transferred from a phenotypically normal but carrier female to only some of the male progeny, then the disease is

78 ➤ 5. In sickle cell anaemia, the glutamic acid is replaced by valine. Which one of the following are triplet codes for valine?

79 ➤ 6. A person having genotype IA IB would show the blood group as AB. This is because of

80 ➤ 7. ZZ/ZW type of sex determination is seen in

81 ➤ 8. A cross between two tall plants resulted in an offspring having few dwarf plants. What would be the genotypes of both the parents?

82 ➤ 9. In a dihybrid cross, if you get 9 : 3 : 3 : 1 ratio, it denotes that

83 ➤ 10. Which of the following will not result in variations among siblings?

84 ➤ 11. Mendel’s Law of independent assortment holds good for genes situated on the

85 ➤ 12. Occasionally, a single gene may express more than one effect. This phenomenon is called

86 ➤ 13. In a certain taxon of insects, some have 17 chromosomes and the others have 18 chromosomes. The 17 and 18 chromosome-bearing organisms are

87 ➤ 14. The inheritance pattern of a gene over generations among humans is studied by the pedigree analysis. Character studied in the pedigree analysis is equivalent to

88 ➤ 15. It is said that Mendel proposed that the factor controlling any character is discrete and independent. His proposition was based on the

89 ➤ 16. Two genes ‘A’ and ‘B’ are linked. In a dihybrid cross involving these two genes, the F1 heterozygote is crossed with homozygous’ recessive parental type (aa bb). What would be the ratio of offspring in the next generation?

90 ➤ 17. In the F2 generation of a Mendelian dihybrid cross, the number of phenotypes and genotypes are

91 ➤ 18. Mother and father of a person with ‘O’ blood group have ‘A’ and ‘B’ blood group respectively. What would be the genotype of both mother and father?

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