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1 ➤ 95. Assertion: Ciliated epithelium mainly present in the inner surface of hollow organs like bronchioles and fallopian tube. Reason: Cilia are microvilli.

2 ➤ 96. Assertion: Muscle fibres are said to be contractile in nature. Reason: Cells of muscle tissues can shorten forcefully and again return to the relaxed state.

3 ➤ 97. Assertion: Gap junctions facilitate the cells to communicate with each other. Reason: Gap junction connects the cytoplasm of adjoining cells .

4 ➤ 98. Assertion: Smooth muscle fibres appear to be striated. Reason: This is due to regular alternate arrangement of thick and thin filaments in Skeletal muscle fibres.

5 ➤ 99. Assertion: Non-striated muscles are said to be voluntary in nature. Reason: Non-striated muscles can be moved according to will.

6 ➤ 100. Assertion: Intercalated discs are important regions of cardiac muscle cells. Reason: Intercalated discs function as communication junction for muscle contraction waves.

7 ➤ 101. Assertion: Neurons are said to possess the property of excitability. Reason: Neurons can get excited by a given stimulus.

8 ➤ 102. Assertion: Extracellular materials help in separation of cells. Reason: Cell junctions are formed by extra cellular materials.

9 ➤ 103. Assertion: Epithelial tissues protect the under lying and over lying tissues. Reason: Materials are exchanged at the surfaces across the epithelial tissues.

10 ➤ 104. Assertion: The cells of columnar epithelium in absorptive surfaces often bears microvilli on their free ends. Reason: Microvilli on their free ends.

11 ➤ 105. Assertion: Ciliated epithelium helps in the movement of particles. Reason: Cilia helps in the movement.

12 ➤ 106. Assertion: Extracellular materials are important for cells. Reason: Intercellular materials surround the cells and bind them together.

13 ➤ 107. Assertion: Urinary bladder can considerably expand to accommodate urine. Reason: It is lined by stretchable transitional epithelium.

14 ➤ 108. Assertion: Head of cockroach shows great mobility in all direction Reason: Cockroach possess flexible neck

15 ➤ 109. Assertion: Cockroach is uricotelic Reason: Fat bodies, nephrocyte and urecose glands help in excretion in cockroach

16 ➤ 110. Assertion: Cockroach possesses mosaic vision. Reason: Eye of cockroach contains several ommatidia.

17 ➤ 111. Assertion: Development in P. americana is paurometabolous type. Reason: Development in cockroach occurs through nymphal stage.

18 ➤ 112. Assertion: Sperm glue together and form spermatophores in vas deferens in cockroach. Reason: Sperm stores in vas deferens in cockroach

19 ➤ 113. Assertion: Cockroach is pest. Reason: Cockroach destroys food and contaminates it with their excreta.

20 ➤ 114. Assertion: Cockroach is monoecious. Reason: Male and female sex organ is present in single organism.

21 ➤ 115. Assertion: Earthworm possess moist body surface Reason: Earthworm respire through body surface

22 ➤ 116. Assertion: Earthworm known as friend of farmers Reason: They make soil porous which helps in respiration and penetration of the developing plant roots.

23 ➤ 117. Assertion: Development of earthworm is direct type. Reason: There is no larva stage in development.

24 ➤ 118. Assertion: Cockroaches are harmful to humans. Reason: They are vector of several diseases.

25 ➤ 119. Assertion: If head of cockroach is cut off, it will still live for as long as one week. Reason: Head contain a bit of a nervous system.

26 ➤ 120. Assertion: Frogs shows hibernation and aestivation Reason: This protect frog from extreme heat and cold respectively.

27 ➤ 121. Assertion: Frogs are said to be cold blooded. Reason: Their body temperature varies with the temperature of environment.

28 ➤ 122. Assertion: Frog shows sexual dimorphism Reason: Male frog can be distinguished from female by presence of vocal sacs

29 ➤ 123. Assertion: Frog maintain ecological balance Reason: Frog serves as important link in flood web and food chain in the ecosystem.

30 ➤ 124. Assertion: Frogs are beneficial to humans Reason: Frogs eat insect and protect our crops

31 ➤ 125. Assertion: Cardiac muscle cell contract as a unit Reason: Communication junction (intercalated disc) present between the adjacent cells.

32 ➤ 126. Assertion: Blood is connective tissue Reason: In blood, cells use to secrete fibres of structural proteins called collagen or elastin.

33 ➤ 127. Assertion: Cells of Adipose tissue are specialised to store carbohydrates Reason: Excess of fat which is not used immediately converted in carbohydrates and is stored in this tissue.

34 ➤ 128. Assertion: Tendons are used to attach bone to bone Reason: Ligaments are used to attach muscle to bone. previous year questions

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