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It contains 45 important questions. Choose the most correct answer. Then check your answer. Try again if there are errors. Regards : www.onlinetest.kalvisolai.com

1 ➤ 51. Protozoans are
A. Hetrotrops
B. Parasites or predators
C. Protist
D. Belived to be primitive relative of animals

2 ➤ 52. Amoeboid protozoans

3 ➤ 53. False feet is the characteristic of which protozoan?

4 ➤ 54. Sleeping sickness is caused by

5 ➤ 55. The protist which possess flagella is

6 ➤ 56. Ciliated protozoan possess

7 ➤ 57. Sporozoans possesss

8 ➤ 58. Select the correct statement from the following for kingdom fungi
A. They are heterotrophic.
B. They show less diversity in morphology and habitat.
C. Yeast is an unicellular fungus.
D. They prefer to grow in warm and humid places.

9 ➤ 59. Which of the following are example of fungus?

10 ➤ 60. Which of the following pairs belongs to the same kingdom?

11 ➤ 61. Refrigeration prevents food from spoilage by

12 ➤ 62. Which is not a correct matching?

13 ➤ 63. The following features belongs to
A. Body consist of long, slender thread-like structures called hyphae.
B. Cell wall consist of chitin.
C. Cosmopolitan

14 ➤ 64. If hyphae are continuous tube filled with multinucleated cytoplasm it is known as

15 ➤ 65. Select the correct matching:
A. Fungi depend on dead substrate ‒ Saprophytic
B. Fungi depend on living plants and animals ‒ Parasite
C. Fungi as symbiont with algae ‒ Lichens
D. Fungi as symbiont with root of higher plant ‒ Mycorrhazia

16 ➤ 66. Vegetative reproduction in fungus takes place by

17 ➤ 67. Asexual reproduction in fungus occurs by spores known as

18 ➤ 68. Sexual reproduction in fungus is by

19 ➤ 69. Sexual reproduction in fungus occurs in the following sequential event. Arrange them properly.
A. Fusion of two nuclei called karyogamy.
B. Fusion of protoplasm between two motile or non-motile gametes.
C. Meiosis in zygote resulting in haploid spores.

20 ➤ 70. Dikaryon and dikaryophase is seen in the case of

21 ➤ 71. The kingdom fungi is divided into various classes on the basis of

22 ➤ 72. During sexual reproduction in fungus

23 ➤ 73. Habitats of phycomycetes are

24 ➤ 74. Endogenously produced spores are found in all except

25 ➤ 75. The following features belong to class
A. Asexual reproduction by zoospores or aplanospores.
B. Fusion of gametes may be isogamous, anisogamous or oogamous.
C. Mycelium is aseptate and coenocytic.
D. Spores are endogenously produced in sporangium.

26 ➤ 76. The following fungus belongs to class ascomycetes (count the total number).
Rhizopus, Penicillium, Yeast, Mucor, Agaricus, Puccinia, Albugo, Claviceps, Neurospora, Alternaria, Trichoderma, Aspergillus, Ustilago, Morels, Buffles, Colletotrichum, Toadstool

27 ➤ 77. Ascomycetes are mostly

28 ➤ 78. Unicellular ascomycetes is

29 ➤ 79. The following features belongs to class
A. Mycelium branched and septate.
B. Asexual spores conidia produced exogenously.
C. Sexual spores produced endogenously. D. Many members of this class are edible.

30 ➤ 80. Which of the following is extensively used in biochemical and genetic work?

31 ➤ 81. The commonly known form of basidiomycetes are

32 ➤ 82. The following characteristics are of which of the given fungi?
A. Mycelium branched and septate.
B. Asexual spores are generally not found.
C. Vegetative reproduction by fragmentation is common.
D. Sex organs are absent but plasmogamy is by fusion of two somatic cells of different strains or genotype.

33 ➤ 83. Karyogamy and meiosis occurs in basidium produces ______ basidiospores.

34 ➤ 84. Basidiospores are produced on basidium

35 ➤ 85. Find out the correct matching:

36 ➤ 86. Which of the following fungi only reproduce by asexual spores conidia?

37 ➤ 87. Deuteromycetes are known as imperfect fungi because

38 ➤ 88. Many members of _______ class are decomposers of litter and help in mineral cycling.

39 ➤ 89. The following features belongs to
A. Mycelium septate and branched.
B. Some members are saprophytes or parasites.
C. Reproduce only by conidia.

40 ➤ 90. Which of the following are examples of insectivorous plants?

41 ➤ 91. Kingdom plantae include

42 ➤ 92. Plant cells have all except

43 ➤ 93. Alternation of generation is seen in all except

44 ➤ 94. Life cycle in plant has generally two distinct phase the ______ sporophytic and the ______ gametophytic that alternate with each other. This phenomenon is called as alternation of generation.

45 ➤ 95. Select from the following the total number of features belonging to animal kingdom.
1. Multicellular, heterotrophic.
2. Most of them capable of locomotion.
3. Have definite shape and size.
4. Digestion of food in internal cavity.
5. Holozoic mode of nutrition.
6. Stored food reserve as glycogen or fat.
7. Higher forms shows sensory and neuromotor mechanism.
8. Some members are autotrophic. 9. Presence of cellulose cell wall. 10. Sexual reproduction generally by copulation of male and female.

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