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1 ➤ 101. Female heterogamety is found in

2 ➤ 102. Why Mendel’s work was not recognized till 1900?

3 ➤ 103. How many scientists rediscovered mendelism in 1900 independently?

4 ➤ 104. Mendelian rediscoverers are

5 ➤ 105. Who noted that the behaviour of chromosomes was parallel to the behaviour of genes and uses chromosome movement to explain Mendel’s law?

6 ➤ 106. Which of the below column A and B represents genes and chromosomes?1. [A] Occur in pairs. - [B] 2. Occur in pairs. 3. [A] Segregate at the time of gamete formation such that only one of each pair is transmitted to a gamete. 4. [B] Segregate at the time of gamete formation and only one of each pair is transmitted to a gamete. 5. [A] Independent pairs segregate independently of each other. 6. [B] One pair segregates independently of another pair.

7 ➤ 107. Which of the diagrams represents independent assortment?

8 ➤ 108. Identify A and B in this figure.

9 ➤ 109. The method for analyzing inheritance pattern of traits in human being is

10 ➤ 110. The standard symbol used for consanguineous mating in pedigree analysis is

11 ➤ 111. Select the correct matching regarding standard symbol of pedigree analysis.

12 ➤ 112. Which symbol represents parents with male child affected with diseases?

13 ➤ 113. Which of the following symbol is not used in pedigree analysis?

14 ➤ 114. The following pedigree shows

15 ➤ 115. The following pedigree shows

16 ➤ 116. Given below is a pedigree chart of family with five children. It shows the inheritance of attached ear-lobes as opposed to the free ones. The squares represent the male individuals and circles the female individuals.Which one of the following conclusions drawn is correct?

17 ➤ 117. Predict from the following chart

18 ➤ 118. The pedigree shows the occurrence of albinism which is a recessive trait. If person 4 is homozygous, the carrier for the trait is

19 ➤ 119. This is the pedigree for autosomal recessive disease albinism (aa). What is the probability of II-1 homozygous normal?

20 ➤ 120. According to the given pedigree, the trait indicates

21 ➤ 121. Which of the given pedigree shows inheritance of autosomal recessive gene. What is the genotype of given parents?

22 ➤ 122. A pedigree is shown below for a disease that is autosomal recessive. The genetic makeup of the first generation will be

23 ➤ 123. 1 : 1 : 1 : 1 ratio of progenies can be obtained if the plants employed for crossing are
(A) TTRR × ttRR
(B) TtRr × ttrr
(C) TtRR × ttrr
(D) Ttrr × ttRr

24 ➤ 124. A pedigree is shown below for a disease that is autosomal dominant. The genetic makeup of the first generation is

25 ➤ 125. Failure of segregation of chromatids during cell division cycles results in the gain or loss of a chromosome(s) called

26 ➤ 126. Down’s syndrome occurs due to the gain in extra copy of

27 ➤ 127. Turner’s syndrome occurs due to the loss of

28 ➤ 128. How many sex chromosomes are present in human cell?

29 ➤ 129. Gynaecomastia is seen in case of

30 ➤ 130. The following features belong to which syndrome? (A) Furrowed tongue (B) Palm is broad with characteristic palm crease (C) Physical, psychomotor and mental retardation (D) Short statured with small round head

31 ➤ 131. The below diagram shows which type of syndrome?

32 ➤ 132. Increase in a whole set of chromosome in an organism is known as

33 ➤ 133. Langdon down described Down’s syndrome in which year

34 ➤ 134. Two allelic genes are located on

35 ➤ 135. In human beings, the colour of skin is controlled by

36 ➤ 136. Which of the following is genetically dominant in man?

37 ➤ 137. If a certain patient with blood group B requires immediate blood transfusion, the following type can be given to him

38 ➤ 138. Karyotype of Klinefelter’s syndrome is

39 ➤ 139. Which is not a character of Klinefelter’s syndrome?

40 ➤ 140. All are characters of Down’s syndrome except

41 ➤ 141. Identify the syndrome of diagrams a and b, respectively

42 ➤ 142. Which karyotype present monosomy?

43 ➤ 143. Which karyotype represents trisomy?

44 ➤ 144. Find out the total number of Mendelian disorder from the following: Cystic Fibrosis, Haemophilia, Sickle cell anaemia, Colour blindness, Thalessemia, Phenylketonuria

45 ➤ 145. Which of the following is sex-linked recessive disorder?

46 ➤ 146. Which of the following is an autosomal dominant trait?

47 ➤ 147. Queen Victoria was a carrier of which disease?

48 ➤ 148. Sickle cell anaemia is caused by the substitution of Glutamic acid (Glue) by ________ at the sixth position of the beta globin chain of the haemoglobin molecule.

49 ➤ 149. Which enzyme is defective in PKU?

50 ➤ 150. Which of the following is true about Phenylketonuria?

51 ➤ 151. The substitution of amino acid in the globin protein results due to the single bass substitution at the sixth codon of the beta globin gene from.

52 ➤ 152. Which of the following amino acid is not present in fi rst six amino acids in aff ected β-chain of Haemoglobin?

53 ➤ 153. Identify A, B and C from the following diagram.

54 ➤ 154. Identify A, B and C from the following diagram.

55 ➤ 155. Name the amino acid which has its 2 molecules present in the first 7 amino acid of β-chain of haemoglobin.

56 ➤ 156. Probability of which of the following is extremely rare?

57 ➤ 157. In hemophilia how many proteins that is a part of the cascade of protein involved in clotting of blood aff ected?

58 ➤ 158. Diseased phenotype in sickle cell anaemia is shown by which of the following genotype?

59 ➤ 159. Variation in DNA is due to

60 ➤ 160. Alteration in chromosome may be due to

61 ➤ 161. Deletion or insertion of base pairs of DNA causes

62 ➤ 162. Find out the correct statement.

63 ➤ 163. Mutation that arises due to the change in single base pair of DNA is known as

64 ➤ 164. A classical example of point mutation is

65 ➤ 165. Which of the following disorders is not hereditary?

66 ➤ 166. A pleiotropic gene is one which

67 ➤ 167. Phenylketonuria is a genetic disorder of

68 ➤ 168. Which of the following is not X-linked recessive?

69 ➤ 169. Monosomy and trisomy can be represented as

70 ➤ 170. Which result proved that there was no blending in Mendelian Cross?

71 ➤ 171. F2 progeny of Mendelian monohybrid cross between tall and dwarf plant is made up of

72 ➤ 172. Select the incorrect statement.

73 ➤ 173. Punnett was

74 ➤ 174. What is the genotype ratio of Mendelian monohybrid cross?

75 ➤ 175. Mendel found that the F1 always resembled either one of the parents and that the trait of the other parent was not seen in them. This is due to

76 ➤ 176. In monohybrid cross, the proportion of 3 : 1 explains

77 ➤ 177. In Morgan’s experiment, what will be the percentage of recombination in case of body colour and eye colour?

78 ➤ 178. Which symbol of pedigree is correctly matched?

79 ➤ 179. Which of the following was/were applied first time to problems in biology during Mendel’s investigations into inheritance?

80 ➤ 180. Mendel proposed how many general rules to consolidate his understanding of inheritance in monohybrid cross?

81 ➤ 181. In the theoretical explanation of allelic interaction for dominant and recessive forms, the recessive trait is seen due to the production of

82 ➤ 182. Genes responsible for ABO blood group determines which of the following biomolecules of RBC plasma membrane?

83 ➤ 183. The shape of seed depends on starch granules size; so inheritance of seed shape shows ________ relationship, while inheritance of starch grains show ________.

84 ➤ 184. If yellow body, white eyed drosophila is crossed with wild brown body red eyes drosophila. Then what would be the frequency of recombinants in F1 generation?

85 ➤ 185. Chromosomal aberrations are commonly observed in

86 ➤ 186. Which of the following cell cycle event is responsible for polyploidy phenomenon?

87 ➤ 187. Match the following
A. Haemophilia -1. Board palm with characteristic palm creased
B. Down’s syndrome - 2. Delayed clotting of blood
C. Klinefelter’s syndrome - 3. However feminine development
D. Turner’s Syndrome - 4. Rudimentary ovaries.

88 ➤ 188. Mendel’s Law of independent assortment holds good for genes situated on the

89 ➤ 189. Occasionally, a single gene may express more than one effect. The phenomenon is called

90 ➤ 190. In a certain taxon of insects, some have 17 chromosomes and the others have 18 chromosomes. The 17 and 18 chromosome bearing organisms are

91 ➤ 191. The inheritance pattern of a gene over generations among humans is studied by the pedigree analysis. Character studied in the pedigree analysis is equivalent to

92 ➤ 192. It is said that Mendel proposed that the factor controlling any character is discrete and independent. This proposition was based on the

93 ➤ 193. Two genes ‘A’ and ‘BA’ are linked. In a dihybrid cross involving these two genes, the F1 heterozygote is crossed with homozygous recessive parental type (aa bb). What would be the ratio of offspring in the next generation?

94 ➤ 194. In the F2 generation of a Mendelian dihybrid cross, the number of phenotypes and genotypes are

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