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1 ➤ 129. Assertion: Chemotaxonomy is classifying organisms at molecular level.
Reason: Cytotaxonomy is classifying organisms at cellular level.

2 ➤ 130. Assertion: Bacteria are prokaryotic.
Reason: Bacteria do not possess true nucleus and membrane bound cell organelles.

3 ➤ 131. Assertion: Bacteria are grouped under four categories based on their shapes.
Reason: Cocci and Bacilli may form clusters or chain of a definite length.

4 ➤ 132. Assertion: Mycoplasma can survive without oxygen.
Reason: They have no cell wall.

5 ➤ 133. Assertion: Bacterial cell wall are not like the plant cell.
Reason: Bacterial cell wall is made up of cellulose.

6 ➤ 134. Assertion: Bacteria do not always move with the help of flagella.
Reason: Flagellated bacteria employs rotary motion of flagellum when it moves.

7 ➤ 135. Assertion: Amoeba contains a contractile vacuole.
Reason: It helps in both digestion and osmoregulation.

8 ➤ 136. Assertion: Whittaker proposed a five kingdom classification.
Reason: The main criteria were cell structure, body organization, mode of nutrition, reproduction and phylogenetic relationship.

9 ➤ 137. Assertion: Paramecium is aquatic, actively moving organism.
Reason: Paramecium contains two nucleus.

10 ➤ 138. Assertion: Fresh water protozoan possess contractile vacuoles.
Reason: The main function of the vacuole is contraction during digestion.

11 ➤ 139. Assertion: Sexual reproduction in protozoan is not a frequent occurrence.
Reason: Sexual reproduction has no significance.

12 ➤ 140. Assertion: Bacteria are the most abundant micro-organism.
Reason: Bacteria show most extensive metabolic diversity.

13 ➤ 141. Assertion: Euglenoids have flexible body.
Reason: Euglenoids are covered by protein rich layer called pellicle

14 ➤ 142. Assertion: Slime moulds are saprophytic protists.
Reason: Slime moulds derive their nutrition mainly from decaying organic matter.

15 ➤ 143. Assertion: Slime moulds are called protistan fungi.
Reason: A Slime mould resembles both protozoa and true fungi.

16 ➤ 144. Assertion: Cell walls of diatoms are indestructible.
Reason: Cell walls of diatoms embedded with silica.

17 ➤ 145. Assertion: Mycoplasma is pleomorphic (means can change their shape).
Reason: Cell wall is absent in Mycoplasma.

18 ➤ 146. Assertion: Euglenoids shows mixotrophic nutrition.
Reason: Euglenoids are autotrophic in sunlight and heterotrophic in absence of sunlight.

19 ➤ 147. Assertion: Neurospora is used extensively in genetic work.
Reason: Neurospora belongs to Ascomycetes.

20 ➤ 148. Assertion: Bladderwort and Venus fly trap are parasite
Reason: Cuscuta is insectivorous plant.

21 ➤ 149. Assertion: Lichens are very good pollution indicators.
Reason: Lichens do not grow in polluted areas.

22 ➤ 150. Assertion: Virus is obligate parasite
Reason: Virus can’t multiply without host cell.

23 ➤ 151. Assertion: Aristotle used simple morphological characters to classify plants into trees, shrubs and herbs.
Reason: Aristotle divides animals in two groups on the basis of presence or absence of red blood.

24 ➤ 152. Assertion: Fungi are no more considered as plant.
Reason: Fungi posses heterotrophic nutrition and their cell wall consist of chitin mainly.

25 ➤ 153. Assertion: Kingdom Protista brought together chlorella and paramecium, which in earlier classification were placed in different kingdom.
Reason: Criteria for different classification are different in many aspects.

26 ➤ 154. Assertion: Bacteria are the most abundant micro-organisms
Reason: Bacteria only shows autotrophic mode of nutrition.

27 ➤ 155. Assertion: Bacteria have simple structure.
Reason: Bacteria show most extensive metabolic diversity.

28 ➤ 156. Assertion: Archaebacteria is most resistant to adverse environmental conditions.
Reason: Archaebacteria has complex cell wall structure.

29 ➤ 157. Assertion: Methane is produced from the dung of ruminating animals.
Reason: Methanogens present in gut of many ruminant animals.

30 ➤ 158. Assertion: Chemosynthetic autotrophic bacteria are useful for ecosystem.
Reason: They play great role in recycling nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and sulphur. 2.16 Biological Classification

31 ➤ 159. Assertion: Bacteria reproduce mainly by binary fission.
Reason: Under unfavourable condition they produce spores.

32 ➤ 160. Assertion: All single called eukaryotes reproduce by asexual means only placed under kingdom Protista.
Reason: Protistan cell contain well defined nucleus but not membrane bound cell organelles.

33 ➤ 161. Assertion: Classification system has undergone several changes over a period of time.
Reason: This is because the criteria for classification gradually get changed.

34 ➤ 162. Assertion: Deuteromycetes are referred as imperfect fungi
Reason: Sexual stage is not known in these fungi.

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