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It contains 37 important questions. Choose the most correct answer. Then check your answer. Try again if there are errors. Regards : www.onlinetest.kalvisolai.com

1 ➤ Who is known as ‘the Darwin of the 20th century’?

2 ➤ The number of known and described species that are in the range of, (approximately)

3 ➤ Twin characteristics of growth are

4 ➤ Growth in living organism

5 ➤ Which of the following does not grow?

6 ➤ Growth cannot be taken as a defi ning property of living organisms because

7 ➤ Select the total number from the following organism that multiply by budding. Hydra, Sponges, yeast, earthworm, Planaria, honey bee

8 ➤ For which organism, the growth is synonymous with reproduction?

9 ➤ Which of the following multiply through fragmentation?

10 ➤ Mark the correct statement.

11 ➤ The growth and reproduction are mutually exclusive events in

12 ➤ Reproduction cannot be an all-inclusive defining characteristic of living organisms because

13 ➤ Living organism shows

14 ➤ The sum total of chemical reactions occurring in our body is called

15 ➤ Select the incorrect statement from the following.
(A) NBRI is situated at Lucknow.
(B) Plant families like Convolvulaceae and Solanaceae are included in the order polymoniales mainly based on the floral characters.
(C) All living organisms such as from present, past and future are linked to one another by the sharing of the common genetic material but to varying degree.
(D) The order Solanum, Datura and Petunia are placed in family Solanaceae.

16 ➤ Which of the following statement is incorrect?

17 ➤ Properties of organs are

18 ➤ Which two points are known as the twin characteristics of growth?
(1) Increase in mass
(2) Metabolism
(3) Increase in the number of individuals
(4) Sense of environment

19 ➤ Growth by cell division occurs _____________ in plants and _____________ in animals

20 ➤ Which of the following match is incorrect?
Common name

21 ➤ Which set of organisms multiply through fragmentation?

22 ➤ Which of the following organism does not reproduce?

23 ➤ Which one of the following aspects is an exclusive characteristic of living things?

24 ➤ Which of the following is self-conscious?

25 ➤ Metabolic reactions take place

26 ➤ Organisms that can sense and respond to environmental cues

27 ➤ Growth, development and functioning of living body is due to

28 ➤ A living organism can be exceptionally differentiated from a non-living thing on the basis of its ability for

29 ➤ Two components of binomial nomenclature are

30 ➤ In Mangifera indica Linn, Linn stands for

31 ➤ Alsatian is a breed of

32 ➤ Modern taxonomy studies require

33 ➤ Which of the following term include all other terms?

34 ➤ Linnaeus evolved a system of nomenclature called

35 ➤ Binomial nomenclature seems to be difficult because a scientific name is derived from

36 ➤ A group of plants or animals with similar traits of any rank is

37 ➤ Binomial nomenclature means

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