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1 ➤ 139.Assertion: Old root hairs are replaced by new ones.
Reason: Outer cells of root gives rise to root hairs.

2 ➤ 140. Assertion: Adventitious roots develop from any part of plant.
Reason: In such plants, the tap root is not developed.

3 ➤ 141. Assertion: Generally,the dicotyledonous plants have tap roots while monocotyledonous plants having fibrous roots.
Reason: The roots in some plants get modified for storage of food, mechanical support and respiration.

4 ➤ 142. Assertion: Assimilatory roots can photosynthesize.
Reason: Asimilatory roots possess chlorophyll.

5 ➤ 143. Assertion: Epiphytes are called space parasites.
Reason: Epiphytic roots possess velamen tissue.

6 ➤ 144. Assertion: The flower is modified shoot meant for sexual reproduction.
Reason: Flowers are arranged in different types of inflorescence.

7 ➤ 145. Assertion: The plumule enclosed in sheath are called coleoptile.
Reason: The radicle enclosed in sheath are called coleorhiza.

8 ➤ 146. Assertion: In plants such as bean,gram and pea seeds are called non-endospermous.
Reason: The endosperm inis not present in mature seeds of above plants.

9 ➤ 147. Assertion: Sucker is an underground stem.
Reason: Sucker stem never comes above the ground.

10 ➤ 148. Assertion: In mango and coconut , the fruit is known as drupe.
Reason: The fruit develope in above plant are monocarpellary superior ovary and are one seeded.

11 ➤ 149. Assertion: Actinomorphic flowers show radial symmetry.
Reason: Zygomorphic flowers have bilateral symmetry.

12 ➤ 150. Assertion: Maize is an albuminous seed.
Reason: Endosperm is completely absorbed by its growing embryo.

13 ➤ 151. Assertion: Pneumatophores are respiratory roots.
Reason: Pneumatophores help to get oxygen for respiration

14 ➤ 152. Assertion: Petals are usually bright coloured
Reason: Petals attract insect for pollination.

15 ➤ 153. Assertion: Thorns are found in plants such as citrus and bougainvillea.
Reason: Thorns protect plant from grazing animals

16 ➤ 154. Assertion: Phylloclade (flattened stem of plant like opuntia) helps the plant to grow in dry habitats.
Reason: Very low transpiration occurs from stems.

17 ➤ 155. Assertion: Parallel venation is the characteristics of most of monocots.
Reason: In parallel venation veins run parallel to each other with in a leaf lamina.

18 ➤ 156. Assertion: Phyllode in Australian acacia is a flattened petiole not stem.
Reason: Phyllode doesn’t contain nodes and internodes.

19 ➤ 157. Assertion: Leaves are modified into spines in Cacti.
Reason: It protect plant from grazing animals and excessive transpiration

20 ➤ 158. Assertion: The ovary is binocular in family Brassicaceae
Reason: True septum called replum develops between two parietal placentas in member of family Brassicaceae.

21 ➤ 159. Assertion: Banana is seedless fruit.
Reason: Banana is developed by parthenocarpy.

22 ➤ 160. Assertion: Flower is zygomorphic in family Fabaceae
Reason: Corolla shows vexillary aestivation.

23 ➤ 161. Assertion: Maize has stilt roots.
Reason: They give additional support and allow better absorption of water and mineral salts

24 ➤ 162. Assertion: Stem bears nodes and internodes
Reason: Stem is always aerial.

25 ➤ 163. Assertion: Calyx and corolla are accessory organs of the flower.
Reason: They do not directly involve in sexual reproduction.

26 ➤ 164. Assertion: In hypogynous flower ovary is always inferior.
Reason: Parts of flower in hypogynous condition arises above ovary.

27 ➤ 165. Assertion: Vexillary aestivation is known as papilionaceous aestivation
Reason: It is found in family papilionaceae

28 ➤ 166. Assertion: Formation of phyllode is a mechanism to reduce transpiration.
Reason: It is vertically placed and has fewer stomata

29 ➤ 167. Assertion: In China rose stamens said to be monadelphous.
Reason: In China rose fusion of filament of stamens forms a single group.

30 ➤ 168. Assertion: In tetradynamous condition stamens are of unequal length.
Reason: In didynamous condition all stamens are of equal length.

31 ➤ 169. Assertion: Custard apple is example of aggregate fruit
Reason: It is developed from flower having polycarpellary apocarpous gynoecium.

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